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Daily Cruise to Albania-Blue Eye-Butrint

Daily Cruise to Albania-Blue Eye-Butrint


We offer you the opportunity to make a one-day excursion to the spectacular country of eagles Albania , a country full of many monuments , new recognized by UNESCO as world heritage. Our excursion begins from the part of Corfu where we must go through passport control. From there we will cruise Joy Cruise’s company flying dolphin crossing the blue seas of the Albanian coast reaching in half an hour the part in the city of Agion Saranda . Upon arrival you will be able to visit the city of Agion Saranda known as the “Pearl of the Balkans” . This city was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Onchismou that flourished during the Roman times but was destroyed in 552 AD only to be founded again as a modern city during the Ottoman era.

Those of you that want to learn more about the history of this country can enjoy a unique experience simply following an optional excursion organized by our company ,  beginning from the archaeological city of Vouthroto and ending at a stunning natural countryside called the Blue Eye. After boarding the bus the local guide will advise as on the history , the civilization and culture of this country. Arriving at our destination , you will be able to admire on of the best preserved cities with influences from all your Mediterranean civilizations. This city is a true archeological treasure as it takes you back thousand of centuries to the Greek ,Roman , Byzantine , and Venetian times. The city of Vouthroto is situated on a green peninsula and is surrounded b rivers that join the Ionian Sea with the beautiful lagoon.

The archaeological sites are located in a natural park witnessing the cities old shine, with the temple of Asclepius the amphitheater and the Cuclopean walls from the Hellenistic period in the 3rd  century B.C. , the public baths , the fitness center , aqueduct (water reservoir ) from the Roman period , as well as the Byzantine church with a baptistery decorated with exquisite mosaics. The culmination of this historical route will be our visit to the castle, from the Venetian period, situated on top of a hill offering a panoramic view. We continue with a meal you can enjoy in traditional restaurant in the city of Agion  Saranda . After your meal ,  we head to the last destination the Blue Eye. As a visit to this landscape for the communist elite. The guide will tell you all about the myth of this amazing natural phenomenon seated under the shade of the green trees.

Duration: 09:00 am- 19:00 pm



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Corfu, Greece

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